Sleep is Important

According to top American medical research agency,

The brain has to do a lot of homework.
It is the most sophisticated computer evolved by evolutionary processes.
It requires a 31% shutdown time, for its own maintenance
and for maintaining the rest of the human body.

[ There are 35 Trillion cells in the Human body that are (on an average )
replace every 8 years, by new one's [1].

see [1],- Listen to  Dan Buettner,  Longevity coach, explorer

The important thing is that with age,
(i)   the speed of cell replacement slows down,
(ii) Humans do not get strong pulls to catchup on lost sleep, and
(ii) lack of sleep leads to unfinished cell replacements, or a pileup
of pending activities (in brain and body maintenance).

That leads to rashes and allergies due to high C-reactive protein in
blood (high CRP count); some kind of deblitation -  like early onset
of Cataract and aggravation of old age troubles, Dementia, Alzhmier's,
parkinson's disease, and may be even troubles like Cancer, BP and

 The above article has a lot of references. For example,

Therefore, MIT has a class on "Neuro-science for Leadership", and in the
tutorials and practicals, they have Yoga session in Neuro-science for